Transformative Practices

Circular Economy Learning Resources 

Many educational resources on the topic of Circular Economy already exist. 

Circular Economy / Biomimicry / Cradle-to-Cradle / Sustainability 

  1. Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology
  2. Circular Economy
  3. Circular Economy 
  4. Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  5. Circular Economy: An Introduction 
  6. Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda
  7. Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact 
  8. Engineering Design for  Circular Economy
  9. Welcome to the Circular Economy: Learn how you can overcome the dilemma of take>make>dispose
  10. Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science-Fundamental and Sustainability Concepts

Built Environment

  1. A Circular Economy of Metals: Towards a Sustainable Societal Metabolism
  2. Circular Economy for a Sustainable Built Environment 
  3. Practices for Sustainable Architecture
  4. Sustainable Materials Management 
  5. Wheels of Metals: Urban Mining for a Circular Economy 

Fashion Industry

  1. Circular Fashion: Art, Design, and Science in a Sustainable Clothing Industry 
  2. Sustainable Fashion

Food Industry / Packaging Design

  1. Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy 

Finance / New Business Models / Entrepreneurship

  1. Business Model Innovation
  2. Business and Operations for a Circular Bio-Economy 
  3. New Business Models: Working Together on Value Creation
  4. What and Where Are the Opportunities for Entrepreneurs? 


  1. Systems Leadership, Organizational Design, and Change
  2. Systems Thinking, Mapping, and Leadership
  3. Systems Thinking & Mapping in Public Affairs

Economics / Policy Studies

  1. Economics and Policies for a Circular Bio-Economy 
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility: New Market Conditions

Waste Management 

  1. Plastic Waste Management
  2. Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials