Our story

Hi, I am Christiane Reilly, the founder of reDesignED. I have been an educator all of my professional life and interested in how to foster the potential of each learner towards more equitable outcomes. I believe that learning can be transformative if we understand the art and science of it.

Now that technology mediates nearly all aspects of learning, we have the possibility to personalize learning to the needs and talents of the individual student. We also have the possibility to teach more authentically and more meaningfully than ever before.

These are high goals and require a rethinking of existing practices and delivery models.

The gap

The potential of each learner, however, has yet to be reached because there remains a significant gap between what we know about learning and what we practice in the classroom, especially in the online classroom.

The challenge

Why loose sleep over that? Well, because education in the most literal sense is about our human potential. It matters because unless we address this research-practice gap, all the information in the world and all the brilliant technologies we develop will not make us smarter.

The opportunity

Surprisingly, technology-mediated learning presents a unique opportunity. Because what are evidence-based teaching practices in face-to-face instruction are evidence-based design practices in technology-mediated delivery. This means that the pedagogical approach (the art and science) is visibly structured throughout the learning environment. It can therefore be reviewed.

If we want to raise educational outcomes – if we want to improve educational access – if  we want student-centered learning , then the learning design can now be brought into closer alignment with how people learn.

Together we can reDesign education!

As a learning scientist, there is no more exciting goal.