Our story


reDesignED bridges education theory and practice through design based research (DBR). Our design interventions are dedicated to solving real world educational challenges through evidence-based principles and practices. We work with our partners to create a more resilient, equitable future of learning that prepares learners to thrive in a world of rapid change.


Our vision is a model of education in which learning is more authentic, more culturally-responsive, more evidence-based, more personalized, more inclusive, more holistic, and more competency-based. This learner-centered vision is achievable today through the thoughtful application of evidence-based principles and practices and through the pedagogical application of learning technologies.  


We work to arrive at equitable and sustainable solutions. Consequently,

  1. we design with people not for people. Our approach is collaborative, iterative, and respects local knowledge
  2. we center the voices of those who are directly impacted by the outcomes of the design process
  3. we aim for sustainable, community led, and -controlled outcomes
  4. our design interventions are grounded in learning sciences research
  5. we share design knowledge and design products with the communities we serve
  6. before seeking new design solutions, we look for what is already working at the community level

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