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Open Educational Resources

The concept of a circular economy is growing worldwide and many learning resources on the topic are openly available to be included in the curriculum of the future. Below is a listing of a growing selection of openly available resources across a wide range of disciplines and industry sectors.

Introduction to Biomimicry and Circular Economy

North America

Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology (Minneapolis College of Art and Design via Canvas Network)


Circular Economy (Wageningen University via edX)

Circular Economy (Euneos via EMMA)

Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Wageningen University via edX)

Circular Economy: An Introduction (Delft University of Technology via edX)

Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda (United Nations)

Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact 

Engineering Design for  Circular Economy (Delft University of Technology via edX)

Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science-Fundamental and Sustainability Concepts (Indian Institute of Technology)

Welcome to the Circular Economy: Learn how you can overcome the dilemma of take>make>dispose (Udemy)

Built Environment

North America

Practices for Sustainable Architecture (Build Academy, Philadelphia University)


A Circular Economy of Metals: Towards a Sustainable Societal Metabolism (Leiden University via Coursera)

Circular Economy for a Sustainable Built Environment (Delft University of Technology via edX) 

Sustainable Materials Management (Ghent University: Circular Economy)

Wheels of Metals: Urban Mining for a Circular Economy  (Leiden University via Coursera)

Fashion Industry


Circular Fashion: Art, Design, and Science in a Sustainable Clothing Industry (Wageningen University via edX)

Sustainable Fashion (Copenhagen Business School)

Food Industry / Packaging Design


Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy (Delft University of Technology via edX)

Finance / New Business Models / Entrepreneurship

Business Model Innovation (HEC Paris via Coursera)

Business and Operations for a Circular Bio-Economy (24 week self-paced Micromasters)

Corporate Social Responsibility: New Market Conditions (Via University)

New Business Models: Working Together on Value Creation (Udemy)

What and Where Are the Opportunities for Entrepreneurs?  (Udemy)


North America

Systems Leadership, Organizational Design, and Change (Cornell)

Systems Thinking, Mapping, and Leadership (Cornell)

Systems Thinking & Mapping in Public Affairs (Cornell)

Economics / Policy Studies


Economics and Policies for a Circular Bio-Economy (Wageningen University via edX, 23 week self-paced Micromaster)

Course 1: From Fossil Resources to Biomass: A Chemistry Perspective

Course 2: Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Course 3: Economics and Policies in a Bio-based Economy 

Course 4: Capstone Economics and Politics for a Circular Economy

Circular Cities


Circular City (Metabolic)

Waste Management

Europe, India

Plastic Waste Management (Indian Institute of Technology via Swayam)

Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials (Delft University of Technology via edX)