Option 2: Design a Circular Economy Course Tailored to an Academic Program

Learning Design

The fully designed online course (content plus assignments) on the topic of a Circular Economy challenge will be customized to the disciplinary context so that programs have the opportunity to incorporate the course as an introductory, elective, honors, or capstone experience.


Undergraduate or graduate students in disciplines such as

  • applied and professional degrees: business, economics, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology
  • design studies
  • environmental sciences
  • policy studies
  • organizational / systems leadership
  • STEM, etc.


Option 2 requires careful considerations regarding how the course supports and reinforces program-level learning outcomes and how it fits within the curricular structure of the program. New credit-bearing courses traditionally require approval by the university’s academic council.

Work Scope

Course Redesign or New Course


One-two semesters