Course Design and Development

Our design and development services span from designing new online programs, to converting face-to-face programs for online delivery, to revising or redesigning programs to support targeted initiatives.

Case Study


reDesigned an existing course to follow evidence-based learning design principles. Designed a multi-week authentic learning experience and performance-based assessment that addressed course-level outcomes and future-facing skills.



Case Study


Converted an evidence-based recovery training for health care practitioners from face-to-face delivery to our One Design approach that accommodates: flipped, blended, or fully online delivery.


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Case Study

Program development

Designed and developed a blended Health Services Management program aligned to industry standards and in collaboration with an industry advisory board.



Case Study


Revised, redesigned a Construction Management program and mapped program-level competencies in preparation for program accreditation. Generated learning outcomes analytics to generate curriculum maps and to ease program review and agile program redesign.