a living laboratory for transformative practices
in education


reDesignED is committed to research-based design initiatives that will define the next generation of educational practices. The results are holistic, student-centered principles, processes, and products that deepen engagement and raise educational outcomes.






We wake up one day and the way we work, communicate, and learn has changed. Technology is everywhere. Information, automation, and artificial intelligence are growing at exponential rates while our natural world is declaring Code Red for humanity. It is in this new world that we are educating learners.

To prepare learners to thrive in times of disruptive changewe need to reDesign education.

A reDesign, you say?

Sounds painful.

That is where reDesignED comes in.

If the purpose of education is the equitable, holistic development of each student, scientific knowledge from diverse fields can be used to reDesign policies and practices to create settings that unleash the potential in each student (Darling-Hammond, et al., 2021).


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