reDesignED  maps learning outcomes at multiple levels: disciplinary standards as well as higher-order skills, attitudes and values. The mapping of the curriculum is a precursor to generating learning outcomes analytics on the standards and competencies implemented by the learning design. There is a false dichotome between either orienting formal learning towards disciplinary standards or towards the sought after higher order competencies needed for the future. The learning design has to achieve both. reDesignED applies the science of learning to deepen the learning of disciplinary standards while optimizing the curriculum for the development of complex skills and dispositions.

Christiane is a true innovator in education. We worked together at the University of Minnesota to build a Health Services Management program tailored to key competencies in the Health Services industry. Christiane was an active partner working with our industry advisory board to identify program-specific competencies and labor market skills that define excellence and innovation in our field. Her assessment expertise allowed us to track multiple levels of outcomes: program-level competencies and higher order skills through the learning management system and generate learning analytics on these skills. This innovation eased an otherwise arduous process of curriculum mapping and program review. The HSM program grew to over 230 students in four years with experiential and competency based courses, 56% diversity in our students, excellent faculty, great internships and jobs post college. Thank you Christiane for your great vision, knowledge, innovation and partnership!

Dr. Susan McClernon, HSM Faculty Director

University of Minnesota